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November 18, 2012
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Zombie Eyrie by Draxorr Zombie Eyrie by Draxorr
Alright, so this will be my last drawing in a while. My computer is simply getting way to slow to use Photoshop normally. :/ Sketching is impossible since every stroke I draw is delayed by a few seconds, and every few strokes the programm freezes for half a minute or so. Every drawing contains like more than 5 colours takes 5 minutes (literally) to save and though I have sooo much inspiration for speedpaints, it's impossible to do with my computer in this state. Ever felt SO very annoyed that you want to throw with books or like bite off your own finger? That's how I feel when Photoshop is taking 10 minutes to let me pick a new brush size. I've been patient but gaaaah I'm not gonna do it again. This really takes away all my motivation to start on a new drawing. (opening a new file takes 10 minutes anyway XD)

I don't want to buy a new computer because I'll hopefully go to university abroad next year and I need all the money I can get for that, besides, I'm probably gonna loose my job after new years. Apart from that, drawing and art does not hold a sigificant place in my future the way I imagine it, anyways. There's no point in investing in it now. :P

If I owed you art, a custom adoptable or promised a commission, it's gonna have to wait, sorry. D: I'll get myself a new computer when I go to uni next year and I hope I can start doing environment speedpaints and work on my characters and Neopets stuff again, by then. If you do know a cheap-ish laptop/computer that can handle Photoshop CS5 normally, let me know though. :)

Sorry for the whinging. I'm just fucking sick with my computer and I hate that my brother was gifted a ridiculously expensive, brand new one by my parents ('for studying purposes!'. Yeah, my ass. He does nothing but play games on it. I can't even play Assassin's Creed on mine. xD)

Zombie Eyrie (c) Neopets
Art (c) me, feel free to use.
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amalia-x Nov 19, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
That's a shame to hear. :(
Let me know when you get one. c:
And, lovely Eyrie. :3
I will. ^^ Hope I can work on my brother's computer in the meantime.
amalia-x Nov 23, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
It's alright, just let me know when you can work on them. :) I'm not in a hurry. :D
AAhhww, such a shame!

Well, good luck with getting a new one!

Awsome Drawing!
Thanks! I might have found something ehehe. B:
Kiruel Nov 18, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
Aegaekg dude that sucks D: I couldn't run photoshop on my old pc properly either, I know how freaking frustrating it is ;-; :huggle:
But you made this piece with that? That's amazing man, I wouldn't have found the patience to draw more than 3 lines! You go girl :'3

What kind of university are you hoping to go to? :la: Maybe if you go there, your parents will grant you with an epic pc as well? :aww:
It's the most frustrating thing there is. xD
Yes I did, and it's the last time I did that. :rage: -throws computer out of window-

I /want/ to study Medicine. ;o; I think they'll give me one as well, yes. I hope ehehehe.

There's worse thing in the world though. xD
Kiruel Nov 19, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
LOL I know your pain OTL

Ah cool, in Belgium or what?
I hope so toooo eue <3

True that! :dummy:
I'm hoping Germany or maybe Asia. :c But otherwise Belgium ahaha. xD

How about youuuu by the way? Are you studying?
Kiruel Nov 28, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
Asia all the way :la:

I'm doing fine, actually :la: Im currently studying Biology at the Utrecht University and I really like it so far :la:
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